Pencil Tool
The Pencil Tool adds new pieces.
Eraser Tool
The Eraser Tool erases a piece or building.
Paint Bucket Tool
The Paint Bucket Tool changes the color of the piece.
Move Tool
The Move Tool moves the piece by touching the control arrows.
Rotate Tool
The Rotate Tool rotates a piece by 90 degrees.
Scale Tool
The Scale Tool can be used to scale pieces.
Clone Tool
The Clone Tool can be used to duplicate one or more pieces.
Character Control Tool
The Character Control Tool allows you to control the character or play minigames.
Sticker Tool
The Sticker Tool can be used to apply stickers on the pieces.
Pattern Tool
The Pattern Tool can be used to apply textures on the pieces.
Settings Tool
The Settings Tool changes the settings of some pieces by touching it.
Terrain Sculpt Tool
The Terrain Sculpt Tool can be used to change the shape of the terrain or change the colors.
Hide Tool
The Hide Tool can be used to change the visibility of pieces.
Cursor 3D Tool
The Cursor 3D Tool is a point which can be used to append buildings at location.